Rclone help in team folder

Hello for everybody;

I'm trying to sync a personal drive with a team drive, but team drives in Google only accept 400k of items.
I'm wondering if it's possible to add more than one team drive as destination in an rclone command...

Ex.: if team drive A reaches its limit, then the migration will continue to team drive B, then team drive C... automatically. Would that be possible?

When you hit 400k files is there an error generated or something? How does rclone know when you hit that limit?

You could use a union backend to spread the load evenly between team drives, but as @Animosity022 says we don't have specific detection for max number of objects.

Well then let's see if I can do it in a crazy way ..

if I use the move command, the files will be moved, then when "end" the process, the rest I move to the next drive, it can be a way, right?

That sounds like a manual process, but it would work I think.

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