Rclone google drive read only

If I create a remote with google drive and as read-only, and share that configuration file to others can they change it to write access?

I want to share my remote with people and servers I don't fully trust. I'd like for them to have read-only access and not be able to change it

Is it possible with a configuration file, to find what is the email of the account?

I think the read/write status is locked in when you get the first token.

It might be worth a test though - make a read only remote, authorize it, then change the scope and see what happens.

The emails of the owners of the files appear in the API. rclone doesn't normally fetch these but they will be fetchable with the token.

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So it's impossible to share my config file without leaking info?

I'll test the read-only later and report back

I wouldn't share a server with folks I don't trust. You are asking for trouble imo.

Your correct. We had several members where in one, they lost their 100TB teamdrive because it was shared out to quite a numerous amount of people; not on our end; just them in general and someone reported it and they lost all the data.

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