Rclone google drive mount for Asustor

I have a family member who lives abroad and they have tasked me with figuring out if they can setup an rclone mount on their Asustor NAS so that they can access their Google Drive via rclone.

I have searched around to see if there are any guides or even recent forum discussions and haven't come up with much other than some issues a few years ago that people were having in automating the rclone mount to occur at startup.

I need to set this up so that an rclone mount to google drive happens shortly after or during startup.

I have found a solution of setting up an rclone mount inside a VirtualBox VM running on the Asustor and while this is something that I could do it seems like there must be an easier way that has less system overhead and complexity.

I'm hoping that someone has some more recent information or experiences that can point me in the right direction. Cheers

that nas runs linux correct?
you should be able to run rclone directly on the nas.
you can use systemd or cron.
have you tried to install rclone on the nas itself.


also, rclone serve might be an option.

I hadn't seen the Linux Center integration. That should make things a lot simpler. I will try that first. Thanks!

sure, let us know what you learn.

learn and return

I will post back with how it went

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