Rclone Gdrive Speed Rocks Now

Has anybody else noticed that the speed of downloading/importing from Gdrive has increased a lot recently? It's been a pleasant surprise.

I used to always get about 5M/s based off my 50 mbps connection. Lately, for the last week or so, I've consistently been seeing 20-25M/s speeds. I'm not complaining, I'm just not sure what's changed.

If those are speeds reported by rclone then it's measured in bytes per second. So 5M/s would be roughly 40mbps. 25M/s is closer to 200mbps... which is faster than your connection!

Maybe you got a speed upgrade from your ISP :slight_smile:

sometimes the ISP will increase your upload speed at no extra charge.
that happened to me once.

do you have a speedtest from speedtest.net or other website, from before the change in speed.
do a speedtest now and compare them.