Rclone + gdrive (for plex) = api quota in hours

Hey folks - I’m using a rclone and google drive, with a paid business account, for my plex box.

my library is about 1.5tb right now (haven’t moved 20tb over from ACD yet)

I followed this guide: https://enztv.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/using-amazon-cloud-drive-with-plex-media-server-and-encrypting-it/

Except I replaced acd_cli with rclone and google drive.

I’m mounting rclone with:
rclone mount --read-only --allow-other --stats 1s --buffer-size 1G --timeout 5s --contimeout 5s -v --log-file=/Users/myuser/scripts/logs/rclone.log gdrive:/encmedia /Users/myuser/mediamount

I’ve also tried:
rclone mount --allow-other --default-permissions --umask 002 --acd-templink-threshold 0 --buffer-size 100M --timeout 5s --contimeout 5s --syslog --stats 1m -v

On my client (plex box) I then use EncFS to mount the encrypted contents of gdrive to a local directory. I then use UnionFS to marry that to a local working directory.

Every 2 days, I upload the local working directory to gdrive with:
rclone copy ~/.local/ gdrive:/encmedia

I seem to be hitting the quota within hours.

And even when I haven’t hit the quota, my connection is unusably slow.

Neither of these things was true 2 weeks ago (things we working perfectly) and I haven’t changed anything (I think…I’m reasonably sure of that. I haven’t changed any plex server flags re scanning, etc, and I haven’t changed anything on the mounting set up).

Anyone have any tips for troubleshooting?

You can use PLEXDRIVE to mount your gdrive crypted (/home/plex/mediamount/.gdrive) and encrypt local (/home/plex/mediamount/gdrive) with encFS
Later use unionfs to merge local and gdrive into “/home/plex/mediamount/media”

With rclone only COPY the local content to gdrive