Rclone gdrive --drive-shared-with-me question

Basic question I couldn't figure out - is the --drive-shared-with-me mutually exclusive (that's how it seems to behaving for me)

where I can ONLY see shared with me and not other content, and vice versa

UPDATE: was playing around with figuring how to use this in combo with crypt - aka I have an encrypted folder on google drive and I share it with another google drive user that has their own remote - well by design non crypt gdrive remote doesn't see that at all - and it seems like can't use the combo of drive-shared-with-me with crypt ?

UPDATE 2: adding shared_with_me = true to config for grive doesn't seem to help on the crypt side

UPDATE 3: I realized that the shared encrypted gdrive folders don't even show up in the web interface so this might be a bit more complicated :slight_smile:


That's documented here:

Google drive (rclone.org)

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Yes I see that parameter I guess the question is… is it possible to have two different gdrive users share the same gdrive crypt ?

Sure. Just need the same passwords / salt.

Well that’s the thing - I have user google1 and google2

I can share the encrypted folders from google1 to google2 but google2’s web interface doesn’t even see the crypted folders.

So they don’t show up in rclone (which filters crypt folders usually anyway) so I’m kinda of stuck in step 1

Crypt or not crypt really doesn't matter.

If you have shared with Google 2, you'd see it in the Shared with Me section:


does this actually work with crypt folders cause it doesn't for me (google1 on left, google2 on right) encrypted folders are shared with google2 as editor

figured it out, this should be somewhere in the docs @ncw it has to be set with this access:

Crypt doesn't matter as I shared before.

Shared with me is really independent of rclone as you do have to share it for it to work :slight_smile:

Share files from Google Drive - Computer - Google Drive Help

yes I got that :slight_smile: what I mean is in order for shared CRYPT folders to work, it seems like (at least in my enterprise gdrive account) permissions need to be set to restricted - that's the only way the crypt folders showed up in the user2 rclone gdrive (non crypt folders showed up without this)

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