Rclone G-Drive & Emby

Hi there… trying to get emby working on a rclone mounted Crypt G-Drive…

Rclone v1.36-49-g5135ff7β on Xubuntu 16.04.2 LTS , Running on VmWare ESXi 6.5 Supervisor (2xE5640, 24GB ECC DDR3, 8x120GB Kingston V300 in Raid 0)

rclone mount encrypted:/ /srv/storage --config /srv/.config/rclone.conf --allow-non-empty --allow-other --max-read-ahead 14G --dir-cache-time 30m --quiet --stats 0 --log-file=/srv/logs/rclone.log

I see ppl have a lot of issues running plex scans on gdrive… but thats not the problem with emby… i can easily run a full scan without problems… i can easily play movies from other computers on my own lan… but as soon as someone external tries to play a movie it stutters a couple of times and within 10 sec gdrive ban… it makes no sense… there should be no difference in running it local or external… any help is deeply appreciated :slight_smile:

btw i noticed another weird thing… when i play something that needs transcoding it doesn’t show the full running time of the movie… it shows movie is a couple of minutes long to start with but extends it every few seconds

The max-read-ahead really doesn’t do anything unless you have a custom kernel going on.

You need to add in “–buffer-size 1G” assuming you have some memory. I would use at least 512M to 1G but not much more than that.

I used Emby for a bit, but that was with ACD though so I can’t speak of the bans. Emby does do a ffprobe of every file but that works more sequentially as opposed to plex opening up a ton of files all at once.

what parameters should i use for it, and what real results will it get…if talking about cheapest vps from scaleway, how much percentage of improvmenet?

I’m nervous to mention directly mounting rclone and scanning as that does seem to be bad luck.

I’d just use plexdrive and rclone to mount up from plexdrive.

I use this:

/home/felix/scripts/plexdrive --chunk-size=26214400 -o allow_other -v 2 /GD >>/home/felix/logs/plexdrive.log 2>&1 &

/usr/bin/rclone mount \
--allow-other \
--default-permissions \
--uid 1000 \
--gid 1000 \
--umask 002 \
--acd-templink-threshold 0 \
--syslog \
--stats 1m \
-v \
media: /media &

and I use a fuse mount to put my local and cloud together:

/usr/bin/unionfs-fuse -o cow,allow_other,auto_cache,sync_read /local/movies=RW:/media/Movies=RO /Movies
/usr/bin/unionfs-fuse -o cow,allow_other,auto_cache,sync_read /local/tv=RW:/media/TV=RO /TV

My rclone.conf looks like (minus the keys)

type = crypt
remote = /GD/media
filename_encryption = standard
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Can you explain why you use --chunk-size=2621440000 for the plexdrive instead of the default config?

I was testing both higher and lower, I figured getting a bit more in the buffer was better.

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