Rclone FTP cannot see files inside folder

Rclone version: 1.55.1
Windows 7

i created FTP remote from my windows 7 OS. target OS is Ubuntu 20.04

problem: if i login using rclone i can see all the folder. but if there is file inside the folder those files are not visible. if i try to download entire folder i get error

tansfers to finish 2021-06-21 04:03:57 ERROR : Attempt 3/3 failed with 2 errors and: directory not found

if i login normal FTP client (WINSCP) i can see all the folder/files and files are downloadable as well.

sorry when i open new post, no template appear on the post. so i manually i added the basic info which i thought require to get help. after i run your command line here is the log file i got:

i checked the size of Star.Wars folder using rclone. here the log

using winscp login i can see file list

here is the log

kind of strange, i can upload files to that folder. anyway winscp has ftp command line option. hopefully it will full fill my need.

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