Rclone for SSH and Docker

Hello guys! First of all thanks for Rclone. I believe is an amazing solution for several problems. However, I'm facing a decision here and I'd love your opinion.The Cloud sync feature of your application is lovely since Gsuite provides no sync client for Linux machines and since I manage several Gsuite accounts, dropbox, mega, etc, this is going to be just an amazing solution. However, I have a couple of extra needs:

1 - Is it possible to sync data between servers without a cloud app installed? Like with ssh on both sides

2 - (and most important) is it possible to sync data between docker containers and local files with rClone?

rsync is great across ssh, provided it is installed at both ends.

  1. https://rclone.org/sftp/
  2. https://rclone.org/local/

Both are available as remotes so once you configure them appropriately, the sync commands should be similar to the ones used for cloud sync.

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