Rclone filling / partition, too much data in /root/.cache/rclone/vfs/OneDrive

I'm downloading a big torrent (500 gb) directly to the OneDrive share mounted in Ubuntu 20.04 by using the following mount command:

sudo rclone mount OneDrive: /media/DISK1/OneDrive --vfs-cache-mode writes --allow-other --daemon

The problem is that the / mount partition is around 30 gb and the folder /root/.cache/rclone/vfs/OneDrive gets bigger until it fills the whole partition and the OneDrive share gets unmounted, the torrent stops and the system is almost blocked as there is no free space in the / partition

Is there any workaround or solution for this? Now I have to delete the content manually, I tried a reboot and this blocks the booting of Ubuntu and you have to use a livecd boot in order to delete the folder.

The same problem happens when I try to copy from the local to the OneDrive mounted folder a folder of about 20-30 gb.

Do I need a bigger / partition or there is a solution for this to tell rclone not to make a bigger cache than an specified size?

rclone version is v1.52.1

You could upload it directly rather than through the mount. You can also relocate that to a properly sized partition.

are you using a bittorrent program to download a torrent?

What you mean by "upload it directly rather than through the mount"?

Properly sized partition: how much free space is needed then?

Yes, Transmission.

You'd need enough space to hold the file if you're using mode writes.


It's not a good idea to torrent directly to a rclone mount.

By copy directly I mean after downloading, run a rclone move file dest:dir


But I have the same problem if I try to copy a folder of 10 files of around 3gb each.

I mean, I understand that while the copy is in process there should be a buffer memory of the size of the file being moved, but once the file is correctly copied to the remote, shouldn’t be that file deleted?

In a copy process that is one file process after another I think this should be the process, in other hand I understand that in a torrent download where several files are being downloaded at the same time this could be problematic and therefore is why you are not recommending to torrent directly to the remote.

use rclone move/copy, not rclone mount

Ok, I will give it a try.

Not really. Torrents get downloaded in pieces. That won't work very well here. It'll cause many uploads for a single torrent. Plus when they are being downloaded they are also being read for by others. That will cause many downloads as well. It's just not a great use case. Typically what people do is move the file after complete.

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