Rclone + encfs: error moving files

hi there,
i’m having some trouble with a very basic operation and i can’t understand what is wrong.
i mounted with rclone my data on acd, which is encrypted with encfs.
everything looks fine: i can read and list my files quite fine, but if i want to rename or move them inside the encfs + rclone partition i get a weird input/ouput error using mv.
i tried to do the same on files on acd with rclone (no encfs) and it works, i did the same on local files with encfs and it worked, so… what is wrong using both?
thanks a lot

mounts don’t have the right retry logic like the regular syncs do. Do this on your mount and I bet it works better ( there is an issue somewhere for improving this in mounts).

-retries 50 (or some really big number)

it works! slow like hell but it works!
thanks a lot