Rclone + Encfs and UnionFS-Fuse extremely slow?


I have been browsing reddit, these forums, as well as google searches and am finding information that suggests rclone mount is an alternative to acdcli.

I am an acdcli, encfs, UnionFS-Fuse user who recently needed to change dedicated servers. I figured this was the best time as any to try out an rclone mount. I am familiar with rclone in the sense that I’d use it to copy files from the server to ACD, but not familiar with the mounting options.

I was able to get folders to mount encrypted using rclone and encfs. Perhaps I am doing something wrong, but my Plex library has been updating for the past 30 hours or so. I understand large libraries might take a while for its intital scan, but my library isn’t “HUGE”… it’s around 7.5 TB.

Has anyone else experienced a similar experience? It just seems extremely slow compared to the former setup, but I continuously am reading about people who have converted from acdcli to rclone.

I am using this command to via a @reboot crontab script to mount - is there maybe a better way of doing it?

/usr/sbin/rclone mount --allow-non-empty --read-only --allow-other --max-read-ahead 200M --checkers 16 --quiet --stats 0 acd:Plex /home/plex/acd-encrypted/ &

The server I am using is a Xeon 1225v2 with 32 GB of ram for what its worth and I am located in the US connecting to acd in the US as well.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Interested in responses too.
Single file read via rclone mount performs horribly for me, too. Somewhere between 300 KB/s and 2.5 MB/s. This is even without the encFS or unionFS/overlayFS layers, so in my case and quite possibly yours too, the problem is fuse.
In contrast, i get up to 100 MB/s with rclone copy/move/sync.

Last time i did initial scan was end of November, my lib was around 25TB and it took around 20h to be completed. ( also rclone mount + ENCFS setup )

You could run a simple test just to see how long OS need to list all your files

scriptstart=$(date +’%s’)
ls -lahR /path to mount/
echo “It took $(($(date +’%s’) - $scriptstart)) seconds to finish”

p.s. Keep in mind Plex needs much longer as it opens each video file and reads header.

What is your single file copy speed from the rclone mount?