Rclone --drive-impersonate copy perform

rclone --drive-impersonate sourse@example.com copy gdrive:backup1 -drive-impersonate destination@example.com gdrive:backup1

How can I perform this command?
I need to exec this command for copy gdrive account to another gdrive account with service account.


You can't do it with the command line flags yet, alas.

Best way is to make two remotes, gdrive1 and gdrive2 Then you can set environment variables

export RCLONE_CONFIG_GDRIVE1_IMPERSONATE=source@example.com
rclone copy gdrive1: gdrive2:

Note that you may need to reset the root_folder_id too.

thanks for your reply,
sorry i'm newbie for this tools.
root_folder_id setting in rclone.conf after add new remote, right?

How to reset root_folder_id?
because for initial setup new remote, I just enter or fill empty for root_folder_id.


Easiest to supply the --drive-root-folder-id="" flag probably.

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