Rclone drive find path from file id

I have a problem with rclone, i tried a half of day but can not found any solution
I can get file id from file path of files in my google drive with command
rclone lsf PATH/TO/FILE --format his
But I want to find path of file in my drive from file id. How can I do it

Or if can not find its path, can I copy using server_side_across_configs=true with file id (not path)?
Now I running copy command with option server_side_across_configs
I found v3 api have copy command from fileid

Thank you for read my problem. My English is bad, I hope you can understand

The only thing you can do with an ID in rclone at the moment is this

  --drive-root-folder-id string   ID of the root folder

So if you can get the ID of the folder the file is in then you can use --drive-root-folder-id XXXX to access the file.

It does, yes however rclone doesn't expose that.

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