Rclone + drive = conf remote entry randomly disappearing?

I have an acd and drive remote configured for rclone. Seemingly randomly, the drive entry will disappear, resulting in the following error the next time rclone runs a copy to that remote:

2016/12/17 03:55:21 Failed to create file system for “GOOGLE:Plex/TV/”: didn’t find section in config file

Any ideas what could cause this to happen?


I’ve actually had this happen where I change the config and it randomly reverts to an older version (rclone isn’t running when I modify the config).

I’ve made a habbit of just copying the .rclone.conf file to .rclone.conf.backup everytime I modify it in case it does it.

It’s happened about 3 times.

Is it possible that:

  1. I maintain an rclone mount that was mounted prior to adding the google remote
  2. The rclone process that maintains the mount is restoring the file periodically?

I restored the file again and dis/remounted the rclone mount, and I’ll see what happens now

This is almost certainly: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/682

Which I’ve just fixed! So try the latest beta if you want to give the fix a go: http://beta.rclone.org/v1.34-75-gcbfec0d/

I’m still having this issue with version 1.35 stable on OS X Sierra.