RClone don´t like "" in File/ Folder Name


i use MacOS and make some Backups to my GSuite Drive…

Now i find an issue when the File or Folder name contains "

In MacOS you see:
/Volumes/Bilder/SKS/SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/Zum “Lamm”/10.10.10 023.jpg

In RClone you see this for the same folder:

/Volumes/Bilder/SKS/SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/2GFP53~5/10.10.10 023.jpg

and there are an Error Message when i sync it:

2018/05/15 10:09:25 ERROR : SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/2GFP53~5: error reading source directory: failed to read directory “SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/2GFP53~5”: lstat /Volumes/Bilder/SKS/SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/2GFP53~5/10.10.10 023.jpg: file name too long

Is this an bug or correct?


rclone can cope with those characters fine so I suspect something else is going on.

Is /Volumes/Bilder/ not a native mac file system? Maybe DOS formatted?

/Volumes/Bilder is an SMB Drive from my Linux NAS… It uses XFS an file system

What i do is to Backup files from the Mac to my NAS, and then with rclone to GSuite

Just trying work out why the directory names look so different…

If you do rclone lsf '/Volumes/Bilder/SKS/SKS-ALLGEMEIN+++/'

Does it show the directory Zum “Lamm” properly, or does it show 2GFP53~5?

You might be better running rclone on the NAS…