Rclone doesn't see dir, using escaped dirnames instead

So I’ve been going a little nuts on Ubuntu 18.04. I have a directory which thankfully is not media, so I don’t have any apps touching it on a regular basis. I noticed that in my ls output the directory had single quotes around it, and I thought it was getting renamed by rclone initially:

‘Photo Archive Slow’
Even though the directory’s name is Photo Archive Slow

I only noticed because rclone would not find the directory! Turns out coreutils was updated and the debian-based distros have changed how ls works. Supposedly the change “doesn’t break scripts” but I think it did for me. If rclone is using ls, there’s an additional switch to use (-N). The stat command works as expected. I’m not sure it’s a bug per se, but I thought I’d post about it since moving apparently this will be an issue.


What’s the actual error you are getting? I’m on Fedora and it’s been like that for quite some time and I never noticed any issues.

Yes that is a truly annoying change! I noticed it myself on 18.04 just recently and had the same initial panic.

rclone itself doesn’t use ls, but there may be 3rd party scripts people use which do.