Rclone deleted files issue

I have rclone v1.44 mounted on my seedbox with this command

rclone mount -vvv --allow-other --allow-non-empty gcache: mount_folder_for_gdrive

but I have a problem when I either delete or upgrade files (either manually by deleting a folder in Google Drive on the web or by automatic upgrade via sonarr/radarr): the older files remain and I end up with “empty files”.

Here’s an example of what’s in my Google Drive folder, while here’s what appears in my gcache mounted folder on the seedbox with “hidden files” active - only two files, S03E01 and S03E02! I’ve since deleted (manually from Google Drive in this case) the file S03E03.

Here’s the problem, this is what I still see in Sonarr after countless refreshes, and here’s what appears in Plex after many library refreshes, optimizations and bundle cleans.

I really don’t understand what I’m either doing wrong or what’s happening! Can you help me? Thanks!