Rclone daily backup script, is this correct?

So, I am new to rclone (literally just started using yesterday). I setup this script to backup to my google drive. My question is, if I run the same script again, will it backup everything again, or just changes and new files? I need it just to upload changes and new files.

cd C:\rclone
rclone copy D:\Music GDrive:\DESKTOP-NH3JT7K/Music --log-file=C:\logs\rclonecopy.txt --log-level DEBUG
rclone copy D:\Personal GDrive:\DESKTOP-NH3JT7K/Music --log-file=C:\logs\rclonecopy.txt --log-level DEBUG

hello and welcome to the forum,

it should backup only the most recently changed files.

but there is another kind of backup, a forever forward incremental backup.
each time you run it, it keeps the latest files in the current folder.
and older files that would have been overwritten are moved the the archive folder.

rclone sync D:\Music GDrive:/DESKTOP-NH3JT7K/Music/current --backupdir=rclone copy D:\Music GDrive:\DESKTOP-NH3JT7KMusic\date

here a read of this forum post, there is a script called archivesync.bat.

and no matter you do you should test with flag

Thanks so much! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

sure, that post is very long and detailed.

give it a quick read and then you can ask some questions here and i will help.

Thanks for the link to that post. I don't want to do a forever forward incremental backup right now. But, using that post and some other posts I came up with this, but i'm having trouble:

rclone copy D:\foldername GDrive:/foldername/foldername --verbose --fast-list --transfers=10 --checkers=10 --tpslimit=10 --drive-chunk-size=128M

I'm backing up a folder that is about 185GB. I started almost 12 hours ago and it is giving me an ETA of 8 more hours. It is uploading at about 2MB/s. On average I have a download of 103mb/s and 26mb/s, so I know I don't have tons of upload to play with, but this seems way slower than it should be. I am using my own API key as well. Is this the correct speed, or am I doing something wrong?

you need to look into the log for errors and messages.
what is the speed of your internet connection?

About 26-30Mbps upload
103Mbps download average

as mentioned, you need to use a log file and look into the log for errors and warnings.
cannot help you much without that.

your posted upload speed does not look correct.
do a speedtest.net and post the results.

what did you choose those exact flags and those exact values?
have you tried to change them, to tweak them and see what happens?

where in the world are you?
europe is having significant internet bandwidth issues.

Sorry I am just responding, here is the speedtest:

I did not log the upload this time around, but I was watching my command prompt throughout every once in a while and there were no errors listed with the --verbose flag that I used, although my father updated our router during the process, so it did have errors then, but it basically paused. The reason I used the flags I did, is because I found a few posts where people with google drive said those settings worked for them, and they had similar bandwidth and resources as I do. I live in the US.

very interesting, why did dear old dad need to update router at the same time your where uploading with rclone?
what is the make and model of the router?

23.71 mbps = 2.96 MB/s and you wrote that uploading at about 2MB/s.
so what is the problem?

He has been busy so I neglected to tell him I was uploading data. Not the best idea, I know. Granted I didn't expect it to take this long, or for the router to need to be updated. It is a ubiquiti unifi router. Not sure the make and model but I know it's not old.

this is my speedtest.

you have at best 2.96 MB/s and i am sure it is less, as most isp know about speedtest.net...
you are uploading 2MB/s

so what is the problem?

Doh...of course, my bad. I was looking at this totally wrong. There is no problem. Alrighty then. I appreciate you taking the time to answer this, despite my ignorance :slight_smile:


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