Rclone custom API

In the latest versions of rclone, the remote cache and the integration with Plex has been features used by a lot of people. However, why focusing in integrating with other services, and not trying also to get other services integrating with rclone?

Rclone mount could have an API so other media centers apart from Plex (like Emby or Jellyfin) or other apps that need special capabilities of the virtual file system created by rclone, could request or give “instructions” to rclone in order to handle the cache better and speed up certain operations for certain apps.

Thank you very much in advance for this great application, ncw!

Rclone does have a remote control API - see https://rclone.org/rc . What sort of things do you think would be useful to have in? I don’t have enough time to be sending patches fro media center code, but I can make more APIs for rclone!

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