Rclone cryptcheck 2 crypt remotes subfolder?

I have two crypted remotes. If i use rclone cryptcheck remote1crypt: remote2crypt:/1/2
file in first crypt remote cannot find files in remote2crypt? is it because /1/2 folder is encrypted? How to check?

I was able to check via local path in remote2 to remotecrypt1

Start with rclone lsf remote1crypt: and rclone lsf remote2crypt:/1/2 do these work and look like the same directory structure?

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it was showing:

2019/05/02 13:55:05 ERROR : : error listing: directory not found
2019/05/02 13:55:05 Failed to lsf: error in ListJSON: directory not found

It seems to be a path problem with config or some typo I can’t recall. I have to stop doing things late at night before sleep. thanks again.

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