Rclone Crypt Question

I am trying to test decrypting my data. My setup is Unraid Server is uploading to ACD and encrypting files. I am trying to test decyrypting on a separate computer.

So to just test real quick I downloaded one of the encrypted files from ACD onto a local drive. I setup a remote on my new computer for crypt with the name secret. I used the same password and salt password as on my other computer.

I tried running; rclone copy secret:C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test\test2 C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test
It just copied the file from one folder to another still encrypted.


  1. Can I create a new remote on a separate computer using the same pw and salt and use that to decrypt? Or do I need to go through some other process?
  2. Is my code what I would expect to use to decrypt? rclone copy secret:C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test\test2

Any tips or help would be helpful.


  1. You simply need to add ACD to rclone on another computer, then create a crypt with the same password/salt as before, pointing to the ACD that you configure in rclone.

  2. You copy unencrypted files to secret:, when you use rclone to display the files in secret: they will be decrypted, if you copy from secret: they will be decrypted, you will only be able to copy the encrypted files if you download directly from ACD, or try to copy from the non-crypt ACD that you configure in rclone.

How do did you set up the secret remote? What you should have done is made the remote parameter point to a directory on your disk, say C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Encrypted then you put the encrypted files in that directory and copy them out like this rclone copy secret:test2 C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test. That should work just fine provided you used the same password and salt.

Thanks for the advice.

So I adjusted it some based off of what I think you said
The actual encrypted file is here: C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\encrypted\test2
I setup my secret remote to point here C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\encrypted
I then run rclone copy secret:test2 C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\test
I get this error though even though the directory is there
2016/10/30 08:42:25 Local file system at \?\C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test: Waiting for checks to finish
2016/10/30 08:42:25 Local file system at \?\C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\Test: Waiting for transfers to finish
2016/10/30 08:42:25 Attempt 1/3 failed with 0 errors and: directory not found

What do you get for rclone ls secret: that should show you some file names.

If not try rclone ls -v secret: and see if there are any clues in the log.