Rclone Creating Duplicate Files

When using rclone rclone copy --log-file /CM/data-drive/logs/backup-offsite.log --config /CM/data-drive/cm_backups/offsite/rclone.conf /CM/data-drive data-drive:$bucket_id

I am finding duplicates cropping up that are adding significant backup increases with no end in site.

It appears to be limited to my Windows 7 Virtual Machine file. It is 53GB but is now occupying over 400GB of space with each subsequent backup. 17 in all it seems ahve been backed up.

Does anybody have any idea how to stop this or why it’s happening ?

See example image: https://compumatter.com/test/rclone-backblaze-dupes.png

Thank you.


Those are b2 versions. Use rclone cleanup to fix and check out the b2 versions docs