Rclone copy speed is not equal with my VPS test speed?

I have tested my VPS speed :download speed is about 900M/s and the upload speed is about 400M/s. It’s Centos 7.
When i use rclone -v copy [local directory] [online directory] to copy files from my VPS to Google Drive, the speed is only about 110KB/s. It’s too slow.
And my transferred files is a dataset about 40000 pictures each picture is 100-200 Kb.
Please tell me what should i do to speed up the transfer speed?

I have tested copy another big files.And the speed is ok(about 50M/s):
My rclone version is:
So i want to know how to speed up copy lots of small files?
Because unzip big files in Google Drive is too slow, i must unzip in the VPS then copy files to Google Drive.
Thank you!

gdrive does not like lots of small files. They have a shadow limit how many files per second can be created and there is no way to bypass it.

You can not. I know it hurts.

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OK, i konw that. Thanks for your response.