Rclone copy (or move) reads slowly from harddrive


Lately the speed of my uploads have decreased dramatically.
I think all the info you need is in the printscreen
Is there an option I can use to make rclone read faster from the disk? Better said, where's the issue?
When there are no other disk operations I've uploaded with 18-21 MB/s.


Where are you uploading to?

Have you tried experimenting with --transfers?

it is probably congestion at your ISP or the cloud storage provider. Have you tried at different times of day?

My account is setup on co.uk. I will test with a virtual machine that has a lot of resources and will be used exclusive for this. I will also try to get rid of encfs as I suspect that is the issue.
I think the network connection is not a problem as I’m constantly over 20MB/s on other peers.

I’ll let you know my findings once I finish setting up the amazon exclusive environment.