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I would like to kindly request information for the "copy" function
I have s3 buckets as source and destination.
If I copy a bucket from one source and another bucket as a recipient, how does the copy work?
Does the source bucket copy directly to the recipient bucket?
Or does the server running RCLONE act as a temporary data cache during transmission?

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Well, usually you act as the middle-man between your drives, so that would involve basically downloading and reuploading with your bandwidth.

However, some cloud backends do support this kind of server-side copying, at least from what I understand. I haven't had a chance to test this out personally yet. For example on drive you can enable this feature by

I would look into the documentation for the s3 backend and see if something like that is available. I'm not familiar with s3 myself. It should be easy to confirm later in a short test if it works as intended - just by looking at your network traffic during the copy.

You'd make a connection on your machine running rclone from the source to destination and your local bandwidth would be used to transfer from source to destination.

There isn't really stored locally in the process.

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