Rclone copy folders from My Drive to Team Drive

I want to copy TBs of data from My Drive to Team drive. I have divided my data into several <750GB folders and i want to copy them to my team drive on a daily basis.

I have created two remotes one for My Drive and other for the Team Drive to which I want to copy

They are running the same ClientID and i have used the command
rclone copy "source......" "dest......" -P -v

but unfortunately it just lists all the files with the progress but the copying never starts. It just creates empty folders in the destination

I am sorry I had closed the previous command line where I let it run for 10 minutes, the outcome was same.

I am running the latest rclone version v1.53.3 on Windows 10

Please let me know if you need any other information!

Rclone Config

type = drive
client_id = *******
client_secret = *******
scope = drive
token = ********
server_side_across_configs = true

type = drive
client_id = ******
client_secret = ****
scope = drive
token = ******
team_drive = *******
root_folder_id =
server_side_across_configs = true

kind of hard to read that tiny screenshot but the source and dest look the same, that what you inteneded?

better to copy and paste the text into the posts, ok?

May I ask you a favor? Since you're experimenting with Team Drives, could you go to this link: https://admin.google.com/ac/reporting/report/apps/accounts

And check, last two charts on the page, whether the space taken my Team Drives contributes to the Total storage used? Because I've read contrasting reports on this and it seems pretty unbelievable that Google would not count Team drives towards the storage limit. Thank you.

tbh, google is hard to understand at the best of times...

I use team drives, and the usage of those team drives shows on the
Storage used by apps chart

but the Total storage used chart lists way less.

But what the Total storage used chart shows is still more than what shows up when I login to the google drive web app.

So I have no idea what they are calculating.

Are you a single user in your organization? Because that Total Storage is the value of all users storage.

Ahh, that makes (a bit) more sense as I have a few users and those users do not use team drives.

Will have to go and have a look to see how much they are using.

Yes that is where the other space is. so Total storage used does not show the space used in team drives.

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