Rclone copy - Filtering specific path

Very new to programming and rclone, so any help would be appreciated. :smile:
I'm conducting experiments with an array of instruments. Data from each instrument are saved in their respective subfolders on Google Drive, with the path ExpData/[year]/[date]/[instrument].
Let's say I only want to extract data from one instrument, Instrument 3.
I first tried using wildcards in the path, i.e. rclone copy GDrive:ExpData/*/*/Instrument_3 C:\localpath but I get errors, which I understand.
I then tried filtering by file name: rclone copy GDrive:ExpData C:\localpath --include "KDS_*", since all data files from instrument 3 are saved as KDS_[blahblah]. No error message this time, but rclone couldn't find anything to copy.
Please enlighten me on what I'm getting wrong, and where to go from here. Thanks!

Filtering is relative from the path you are starting on and it's a bit confusing at first.

If your path is 'GDrive:ExpData", everything becomes relative from that so your files look like:

rclone ls GDrive:ExpData --include KDS_**/**

I use ls to do all my testing and than you can do a copy command. I usually use --dry-run to make sure as well on the copy to make sure.

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