Rclone copy --exculde does not exclude

I need to copy my entire home directory to google drive. I want to exclude the conda sub directory. This is the code:
rclone copy . gdrive:MYHOME --exclude "*conda*" -L --dry-run
I am still getting lines in the log output indicating the copy of files from the conda directory

Thank you

I try to run --exclude "UNKNOWN**" and it works. So I am guessing maybe adding an asterix might help. Or somebody else can help you better because I am still new to rclone commands and stuff.

vrclone is absolutely right, the important point is that you are filtering path/files not directories, so you want your filter to exclude all files (in all subfolders) under something named “conda”.

Using *conda** can be risky if you happen to have a file or folder like “fanaticondata”, so I prefer to be more specific – e.g. /.conda/** or **/anaconda*/**

* matches any sequence of non-separator (/) characters
** matches any sequence of characters including / separators

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