Rclone copy dont remember uploaded data?

Hi there.

Im a bit lost here. Im in doubt how rclone is doing the copy.

My scenario is.

Have 1 google drive which I want to copy my data on to a new google drive 2.

I have made the configs and its completed copying a folder . All checked and its good.

Then I have my personal NAS which has the same files, but also more new files to upload to the same directory . I added a config to the google drive 2 and started making a copy from my qnap nas.

It seems that its uploading a file that already exist on the googledrive 2 ? Shouldn’t it skip it? Or am I missing something :confused:



AHH GAT damn it … :confused:

Forgot to add to the CLI --ignore-existing

Got it … I think :slight_smile: :slight_smile: