Rclone copy comparing against local .txt file

I would like to make possible to do a rclone copy checking a local .txt file instead of checking files on the cloud.

That would avoid wasting API hits/time while also making it faster. I see no point in checking the files on the cloud every time to upload new files. Yes I know this can result in me not detecting corrupted files or whatever but it’s ok for my use case.

I would like something a flag that would output already uploaded files to a .txt file so I can run rclone using --exclude-from using that .txt file.

Does –files-from work for you?

No it doesn’t. I would have to manually add my files there and that’s not a option with a big amount of files.

What I’m thinking is something like :

Rclone uploads file A, rclone writes file A to text.txt, next upload rclone will read from that text.txt file with --files-from.

I need to dynamically and automatically create entries in my .txt file so next interactions can read it and resume on top of it.

You could generate that fie with rclone ls

Anyway are you looking for the –no-traverse option?