Rclone copy command

Hi everyone,

I had a question regarding rclone copy. I've been using rclone for a few weeks now and everything has been running smoothly. I'm trying to set up a scheduled script to upload my files daily via a simple script: rclone copy M:\ NewDrive:\Movies\ .

I got a the 24h ban due to this. Does the rclone copy command do a api hit for every existing folder of the destination path? Is there a command to limit api hits for the copy command?


Terminology is important as Google tends to not ban you for anything.

API limits are quite huge so doubtful you hit any API limit.

There is daily quota of 10TB downloaded and 750GB upload. Without knowing version/logs/what you are trying, it's tough to guess what the issue is though.

It shouldn't be the API, I looked at my queries/100s and the highest it went was around 600. I didn't hit the upload limit because I can still upload fine. The ban is only for downloads. I didn't have logging enabled for my upload, so can't check that.

My guess is, it still has something to do with api requests. I used to run into this issue when I used to use googles direct file stream/ cache method.

There isn't a "ban" fo anything. A ban means you lose you account.

There is a daily limit of 10TB download and 750GB upload.

You can see upload errors in the API console via drive.copy errors.

You can share a log with -vv to confirm instead of guessing.

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