Rclone copy amazonclouddrive googledrive: 2TB of data, am i safe?

rclone copy amazonclouddrive googledrive: 2TB of data, am i safe?

on scaleway, transfer is between 20 and 50MiB/s

will amazon or google lock me or not?
files are in different size, all encrypted, from 10B to 2GB, small files and big files, milions of files.

I did 1.6 TB with digital ocean with no issues in 14 hours.

You should be safe.

There are many people who have transferred significantly more-you should be fine.

As far as the amount of data you’re using on each, I wouldn’t be concerned. There are people with hundreds of TBs on each platform without issue, you start to run into problems if you’re accessing data too much or too frequently/hitting their servers a lot. If you get ‘locked’ from either Amazon or Google it will likely only be a temporary (<24h) way of throttling you.

I did 7TB in one day. No issues.

50TB copy from Amazon DE to Amazon UK to GoogleDrive (encrypted ) to GoogleDrive (unencrypted)

p.s. Amazon will lock you once you pass 2Gbps constant upload/download ( its an estimate that I base on my experience using 3 different 1Gbps server to handle the data )