Rclone connection with kerberos enabled HDFS

Hello Team,

Can Rclone connect to Kerberos auth enabled HDFS?
I just checked the HDFS remote creation part and it asks for only 'service_principal_name',
so how it will know which KDC server to connect and what is key/password for this principal etc?

Could you please help me with the details on this?

Thanks in advance,

I know very little about this, alas, but I know the HDFS backend has been used with Kerberos auth succesfully.

This is what is says in the docs. I assume that that the service principal deals with which KDC server to connect with but that is just a guess.


Kerberos service principal name for the namenode.

Enables KERBEROS authentication. Specifies the Service Principal Name (SERVICE/FQDN) for the namenode. E.g. "hdfs/namenode.hadoop.docker" for namenode running as service 'hdfs' with FQDN 'namenode.hadoop.docker'.

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