Rclone config edit from Gdrive to Team Drive doesn't work

I have a remote configured as Google Drive. I then enter the interactive configuration session to edit that remote, and the only thing I change is the part about Team Drives

Configure this as a team drive?
y) Yes
n) No
y/n> y

After I choose my team drive, I quit the interactive configuration session, but the team drive setting does not save.

Now here’s the kicker, after I edit my remote and set it to Team Drive, if instead of quitting the session, I press ‘e’ again to edit, and edit the same remote, when I get to the “Configure this as a team drive” part, it will instead ask me “Change current team drive ID XXX”. Now once I get to this part, rclone will append “team_drive = XXX” to the config file.

So it seems like rclone is not saving the team drive configuration to the config file, unless you go through the config the second time. Changing any other values, like the scope, saves it correctly.

This sounds like a bug to me! Can you please make a new issue on github so we don’t forget about it - thanks.

Thanks and done (issue #2314)

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