Rclone command to update mount

Is there any feature or command to manually update the rclone mount. I want to use it for scripting.


I am interested in this too. The only way to achieve this now is to unmounts and remount

What are you trying to achieve? Flushing the directory cache?

There was an idea that the directory cache could be flushed on a signal (SIGUSR2 say) - there might even be an issue about it… Yes here it is: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/803

Would that be interesting?

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I want to use it to reduce api requests to my google drive and only sync after a download.

So if I create a new file in my remote host web gui, or if I upload a new file with rclone manually , I can just refresh my mount to see the new changes instead of having to wait for --dir-cache-time

That issue #803 is exactly what you want I think. I suggest you subscribe to it for updates.