Rclone combine nesting

Hi, Assuming it's possible, is it reasonable to create a nested virtual directory hierarchy using rclone COMBINE, or would there be reasons to avoid doing so?

The combine backend can't yet make subdirectories.

So you can't specify this yet


I plan at some point to add this to combine, but I didn't want to make too many features for the first release.

However there is nothing to stop you using another combine backend as dir which would give you the nested virtual directory. It will be slightly less efficient, but probably not measurably so.

Sounds great, thank you.

Yes, this is what I was imagining to create the nesting, so I appreciate you confirming that it's expected to work!

Is there much overhead to the combine abstraction, generally speaking, or is it something roughly along the lines of an extra golang map lookup?

Its is a bit if string parsing and map lookups. So in the scale of transferring files / directory listings over the internet, there is no measurable overhead! (ns vs ms!)

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