Rclone check -v on 0.6 million files, i dont know which 4 files is with error, thx


I rclone check-ed local vs remote using this command:
/snap/bin/rclone --config /home/xxxx/grnprogs/rclone/rclone-cur.conf check -c --verbose --contimeout 60s --timeout 300s --retries 3 --low-level-retries 10 --stats 600s /media/xxxx/asdvd005-cp2r1-cfs/20180524-004349—asdvd005-cp2r1-iat011 yyyyyyyy2:base-a002/20180527-01/20180524-004349—asdvd005-cp2r1-iat011.

lot’s of info were print-ed, say checking which file pairs, also every 10min there is a status.
The command ran 16hrs, which of course I wont sit infront of it and read the verbose coming out.

After 16hrs,
i got the result:
2018/06/06 20:54:21 NOTICE: Google drive root ‘base-a002/20180527-01/20180524-004349—asdvd005-cp2r1-iat011’: 4 differences found
2018/06/06 20:54:21 Failed to check: 4 differences found

ok, which FOUR files from the 0.6 millions file is it?

May be rclone did print-ed them among all the lines within that 16hrs.
but how can I tell now?

thank you.

Rclone will have printed them to the log :frowning: I suggest you use the --log-file option or run without --verbose in which case rclone will print very little except the actual problems.