Rclone check - how to detect same file

Hi there

I’m pretty beginner, but I have managed, to move 2TB of files from my server to Google Drive, which is awesome! Thanks a lot for RCLONE!

My question today is about rclone check.

I have

How can I detect with rclone, that the files are exactly the same song, but only other name?

I’d use

rclone md5sum drive:DIR1/somefile.mp3
rclone md5sum drive:DIR2/some-other-file.mp3

If the lengths match and the md5sums are the same then they are the same file (minus a miniscule chance of an MD5 collision)

You coud use a bit of unix foo to find all the potential duplicates like this

rclone -q md5sum drive:music | sort | uniq -w32 --all-repeated=separate
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