Rclone check but ignore files missing from source?


I use rclone to backup my files. After my local drive fills up, I delete old files that I no longer need locally but keep the copy in the cloud for archival.

I would like to check if I have local files that haven’t been backed up yet. “rclone check” does this, the problem is that it also shows files that are in the cloud but do not exist locally, i.e. files that are backed up and were already deleted locally (in my case, this is a very long list).

Is there a way to tell “rclone check” to only show files that exist in source but not in destination and ignore files that exist in destination but not in source?


Not yet, no.

You could run your copy command with --dry-run that will show you any files which need to be transferred which I think is the question you want the answer to.