Rclone can't see random files

I have a file on my teamdrive, I can see it on the web interface. But I can't see it with any rclone commands.... rclone ls or rclone mount

I tried to do vfs/refresh, restarting the mount/server, making a copy of the file on the web interface, deleting the old one and renaming.

I'm out of ideas. The file is a few days old by now. Any ideas?

If you can't see with a rclone ls, you'd have to run a debug and probably dump the headers and share the output to see why.

Most of the time it's a funky unicode character or something along those lines.

Is it safe to share those logs?

I believe so, but being sure is always a good thing. Feel free to PM @ncw if you want or both of us.

The only way to tell though would be to see logs to figure out why it's not showing up which should be the headers or responses for that one file.

What's even weirder is that the mount on my desktop can see that file. And the filename doesn't have anything fancy.

It has an ç and ã like all the other files on the folder

Is it a shortcut or something like that?

To debug this I'd need a rclone lsf -vv --dump bodies drive:path/to/dir/with/missing/file output.

That will have a listing of the files in that directory in, so if you want to keep that private then PM that to me! If you can tell me which file is missing that would be helpful too!

I sent you in PM in a conversation that @Animosity022 is also in.

<removed post, pending further investigation>

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