Rclone cache to act similar to mergerfs?

Linux system.
I'm using rclone mount + mergerfs + rclone move on my local folder, in order to have a space that daily system backups can be placed.
This is extra handy, because the backups write as quickly as my disk can write to itself, then backed up and moved to remote later.

Works great on Linux, but not on macos.
This is nearly impossible to do on macos, since union fs systems are basically all dead projects. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

When I first discovered rclone, I thought that this was basically how the cache back end worked if I were to mount a cache. Not so, as far as I know.

Is there a way to, using only rclone, accomplish a similar setup? Maybe with filtering for age or something?

I'm basically trying to figure out a setup using only rclone (and fuse, to mount) so that I can open a folder on my macbook that contains all my files on my Google drive, and where I can copy data to that folder, which is immediately written to disk but moved up to the remote later.


If not, feature request?

Well, the way to do it would be with Union - and some simple setups are indeed possible with this right now. Union is still lacking a couple of key fundamentals (such as multiple remotes in the Union set being writable). Once that is fixed Union should be able to replicate most key functions of mergerFS (although some things like hard-linking will probably never be possible due to technical limitations).

Union does work as-is right now though, it's just likely you will into some limitation.
And of course the nuclear option of running your whole rclone setup inside of a VM does exist as a last-resort, but this is obviously quite impractical in many cases.

Union is not dead as far as I know. Please go upvote and make relevant comments on this issue:

and feel free to ever so gently remind @NCW about it :wink:
We have spoken about this at some length and the basic action-plan is in place. I think the only thing missing right now is the time & priority to implement it.

(PS: plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz! )
If you can't tell I want this real bad too =P

I'm planning to work on this for 1.51 time permitting!


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