Rclone cache speed (test with Disk Speed Test by Blackmagic)

So, per the logs, atleast the writes are bigger now. Can you try adding --debug-fuse & --async-read=false in addition to the same command and try again?

Something like this:

rclone mount ~/Desktop/tmp magnum --volname magnum -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false --debug-fuse --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone155beta-local-blocksize.log 

hi @ncw,
yes you are right, still 40Mb/s.

I made the test you suggested:

 ~/ rclone mount ~/Desktop/tmp magnum --volname magnum -o big_writes --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone155beta-local-big_writes.log

and this is the cp:

 ~/ time cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip magnum/tempAAA
cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip magnum/tempAAA  0.01s user 15.13s system 17% cpu 1:24.84 total

Archive.zip is a 3.1gb (3343531006) and to move it on a differente folder it takes less time:

 ~/ time cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip ~/Desktop/temporary 
cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip ~/Desktop/temporary  0.01s user 1.60s system 56% cpu 2.823 total

Here the logs:

Still no luck.

This is the command:

 ~/ rclone mount ~/Desktop/tmp magnum --volname magnum -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false --debug-fuse --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone155beta-local-debug-fuse.log 

The log:

 ~/ rclone mount ~/Desktop/tmp magnum --volname magnum -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false --debug-fuse --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone155beta-local-debug-fuse.log 

The error:

Can you try a normal cp once instead?

Looks faster!


 ~/ rclone mount ~/Desktop/tmp magnum --volname magnum -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false --debug-fuse --log-level=DEBUG --log-file=rclone155beta-local-debug-fuse-with-cp.log 

Copy time:

 ~/ time cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip magnum/tempAAA     
cp ~/Desktop/archive.zip magnum/tempAAA  0.01s user 2.97s system 19% cpu 15.475 total

And log:

I am guessing something BlackMagic does while testing doesn't agree with a pre-set block-size since I assume it sets it's own block-size and changes it for the various tests to find the best speeds.

If the cp is working fine, then I think the issue is solved or do you need BlackMagic to work?

Personally, I don't need blackmagic to work. I wanted only to test and see the rclone as a really advantage over monuting the nas on smb :slight_smile: The topic started for this reason. I'm doing other test that not involve Blackmagic.

I'll use

-o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false

shall I use also the vfs cache parameter or not?

If you have the space for a local cache, then using full cache-mode is recommended. If not, then not specifying it should also work.

@darthShadow thanks, this is solving for me:

 ~/ rclone mount magnum:/ magnum --volname magnum --vfs-cache-mode full -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false

Using the Finder to move 3.7Gb file I had to try 5 times to get this screenshot:


It was quicker than me :smiley:


I'll continue testing and post an update later.

Kudos to you and @ncw for the help and support.


That was a tricky flag to find since it's not documented anywhere.

And look at this!

 ~/ rclone mount magnum:/ magnum --volname magnum --vfs-cache-mode full -o blocksize=1048576 --async-read=false --debug-fuse --daemon 

Mounting the nas folder, it works also blackmagic with very good speeds!

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hi @darthShadow @ncw

after some trial I noticed that the command shared before is not realiable.

Tying to explain some issues:

  • created a TMPAAA from my Mac on the folder mount via rclone
  • I moved a file from another pc on TMPAAA, but is not synced over rclone (I cannot see it on my mac)
  • I moved pdf (7948308bytes) and the file is corrupted (7946240bytes) (2068bytes difference)
  • I moved another file of 363946bytes and after is 360448 (3498 less)

I moved an empty file of 1MB that I created with this command:

mkfile -n 1m ~/Desktop/TESTFILE

and it this case size is the same (but this file contains just the same characters)

I copied Desktop/archive2.zip (3 343 531 006 bytes) to TMPAAA/archive2 (not the same size 3 343 527 936 bytes) but rclone is not able to sync in on the nas.
If I open the folder over SMB I can see the files being copied, but when the size reaches 200MB fails and restart. It looks like VFS fails the upload .




Are these failures repeatable?

Can you try without "-o blocksize=1048576" and see if you get the failure still? Maybe there is a reason that flag isn't documented...

hi @ncw I see what you mean; I was trying the -o flag because it was suggested in the thread. Without the flag works, but the speed is capped at 40Mb/s.

I currently switched to the stable 1.54 because I need to do some works a need reliability over speed. But I'll testing during this weekend.

If you want me to test something specific or if you want to have a call, I can screenshare live what I'm doing :slight_smile: I'm based in south of france (GMT+2)

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@ncw looking at new and previous logs I notice this message:

Statfs failed: your remote may not support About: failed to run "df -k /home": Permission denied, please try again.

Is this something that can prevent rclone to get info on my setup for example?

that problem is documented here
"about will fail if it does not have shell access or if df is not in the remote's PATH."