Rclone cache refresh time

Hi everyone, I'm new to rclone. I just started using it a few days ago. I'm using it only for Plex.

I have my remote set up and my cache set up for the remote. I mounted my cache and I have added my cache drive to plex. This all works fine.

I uploaded some new movies to my google drive via the rclone browser. It's been half a day and my cache still doesn't have those folders/ files. What do I need to do so the cache stays current and plex will have the latest media.

Thanks in advance.

What's your rclone.conf look like without keys/passwords?
rclone version shows what?
Did you make your own client ID/API key?

Items normally show up after about 1 minute at most via the polling intervals. I don't use the cache backend, but the standard vfs.

How are you uploading to your GD?

type = drive
client_id = 
client_secret = 
scope = drive
token =

type = cache
remote = NewDrive:
plex_url =
chunk_size = 25M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 250G
systemd/mountsettings = 
-cache-chunk-path = D:\RCLONE
-cache-db-path = D:\RCLONE
plex_token = 
db_path = D:\RCLONE
chunk_path = D:\RCLONE

That's my config.
-I did create my own API key
-Rclone version 1.11

I upload to GD via Rclone Browser.

Noob question, what is vfs? I currently have the cache drive mounted to drive G: , if I were to switch to vfs, can I simply mount that to drive G: and plex would not need to rescan everything as the file paths would remain identical?

Are you able to help me/ point me to the right direction to get my setup switched over to VFS? I have 750/750 for upload and download speeds and I have 32GB RAM. Also I'm on Windows 10.

Thanks for your help.

rclone version shows what? 1.11 is not right.

Sorry read the wrong part. Rclone version 1.47.0

I did some more reading and switched from cache to vfs. I set my logs to DEBUG and can see that RCLONE is checking every minute for updates. Plex doesn't detect the new files automatically, I have to run a manual scan. Plex picks up changes on my local drives right away.

rclone doesn't support inotify, which is how Plex detects new files on the file system.

You'd either need to use Radarr/Sonarr to initiate a scan once something is added or you could use something like https://github.com/l3uddz/plex_autoscan and use that for detecting changes on the GD.

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