Rclone Cache - Not purging chunks - Out Of Control?


I’ve used rclone for a long time and never encountered this. New install, openmediavault (debian base), everything the same as before. Pretty much, rclone is writing a large number of chunks that it shouldn’t write. Initially, I had issues as it was filling up my /tmp (even though I guess it’s not supposed to write there? ) and then through some config changing and passing a directory to cache the chunks too, is still going awry. I do not want to fill up my bootdrive and cause unintended issues. I initially had the size set for 90GB which on all my previous installs under ubuntu had been just fine, but I decided to drop it down to 10GB. However, after reboot, and making sure my systemctl daemon’s are refreshed, it’s still staying above 10GB to this newly selected directory /mnt/rclonetemp/cache while its scraping through my gsuite backend as plex scans.

I’m leaving it run for a few more hours to see what happens, maybe it’ll figure itself out.

Can you share the logs and your mount command / rclone.conf without the passwords?

Seems to have fixed itself, ballooned to like 18GB and then purged itself and is sticking around 11GB which is more than fine with me. I’ll probably bump up the cache size again as long as it functions as expected going forward.

Thanks for the help!

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