Rclone Cache / Mount looking at wrong directory

I’ve been trying out rclone cache with rclone mount for a Google drive connection. I’m going Google Drive > Cache > Crypt and I’m mounting that to Windows. It mounts just fine and everything, and it works seemingly well. However, after it’s been mounted for a while, I’ll start seeing errors like this:

NOTICE: Encrypted drive 'rcbackup-crypt:': ChangeNotify was unable to decrypt "[File Name]": illegal base32 data at input byte 4.

Now the weird thing is, the [File Name] file is not in the crypt folder in my Google Drive, it’s in the root directory of my Google Drive, so it shouldn’t show up at all in my rclone mount. When I browse the mount via Explorer, it shows me the correct folder structure, so I’m not sure how it’s trying to read the file. The mount still works and everything, I’m just seeing these messages in the open command prompt window. It also seems like [File Name] is a file that was created or modified after I started the rclone mount, just through my normal use of Google Drive web interface.

I’m on rclone v1.39-251-g0a0318df beta version.

My config looks like this:
Google remote configured to root of my Google Drive. Cache configured to a sub folder. Crypt configured to a sub folder of where Cache is looking. Cache is “gdrive:rcbackup” and crypt is “cache:data”

My mount command is rclone.exe mount crypt: R: --read-only

Those are generated when drive sends a message to rclone saying “this file has changed”.

It might be that rclone needs to do some better filtering of these.

Can you see if you can make a test case that makes it easy to reproduce and make a new issue on github about this - thanks!