Rclone Cache Is Better/Faster for Plex Than VFS

That was a really a non-issue because I have plenty of unused disk space. Right now, I'll stick to the current setup :slight_smile:

you reverted to vfs because you couldnt seek backwards with cache so you're resigning to 'seeking backwards just won't work' and going back to vfs?

More or less, yes.

I use the mount solely read-only with Plex. Most of the time, I tend to watch content inside Safari, where Plex almost always transcodes.

With cache, I did not notice any improvements, at all. I did however, notice a lot of downsides. RAM and swap were full, and I had well over 160% CPU usage across 4 cores, about 10 threads of rclone running (I’m assuming it’s the workers because I was running Analyze inside Plex). Then the size of chunks exceeded its defined limits.

For Kodi use in Windows I could not use cache because playback would not start until the whole file was downloaded. Has that changed somehow? Otherwise I cannot see how it could be considered faster.

sounds like VFS Mode Full. You sure using Cache Remote?

that isnt the way full mode works yet

Yes you are right, I was referring to --vfs-cache-mode full

You actually made me realize the existence of the Cache storage system. VFS is working fine for my usecase, anyway, and the fact that I read that Cache is not in development right now sorts of discourages me from trying it.

Edit: maybe I had investigated it when I started using rclone but seeing as there were caveats about Windows use I discarded it.

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i just switched back to the cache after High API usage.

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