Rclone cache for long term torrenting

I know this has been discussed before in this thread but I couldn't find enough information on how to configure it properly.

My use case is simple: I have 2 machines, one with the unlimited plex stack (rclone + plex + radarr ,sonarr, rtorrent... etc). It works perfectly, and it uploads everything to GDrive every night. It still keeps the downloads locally so rtorrent can keep seeding them as long as my disk doesn't get too full (6TB).
The second machine just mounts that downloads folder and gets the .torrent files so I can share for long term seeding. It has 6TB disk also, but I don't want to depend on having everything downloaded if it's not getting active, specially because I already have over 6TB of downloaded content. I would like to know if rclone cache is an acceptable solution for this, and if so, how can I set the parameters on the rclone.conf file so I download as much file as I can when the torrent starts to get active.


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