Rclone cache concurrent access

Dear all,

I’m using “rclone mount” to mount a “cache” remote on my file system (cache over webdav).
Trying to upload files using rclone copy myfile mycache:/mydirectory, rclone says that the cache db is locked and the upload aborts.

My question is, how I can upload to remote my files keeping the “cache” mounted? Is rclone able to manage concurrent accesses to cache db?
(of course, I can upload directly to non-cached remote, but with this way I have issues like directory list not updated…)



You can’t as the cache can only access a single cache db at a time as it’s exclusive.

You’d either have to run another cache remote or you can just upload without using the cache. I personally would not use a cache for doing the uploads as there isn’t much value there.

The cache backend would pick up any changes via normal polling every 1 minute.