RClone Cache Chunk Path/Memory

So, I have my --cache-chunk-path pointed to /dev/shm (formatted to tmpfs) which is basically memory as per my understanding. In this scenario, would it be recommended to turn off the in-memory storage of chunks using the --cache-chunk-no-memory flag or would that storage still be beneficial somehow?

Personally I turned off in-memory storage of chunks with --cache-chunk-no-memory when using /dev/shm for cache.

One headache I have is that rclone mount seem to increase in RAM usage (not cache or /dev/shm/ usage) over time (weeks) after extensive usage. The RAM usage gets quite big after weeks. The /dev/shm has no problem though.

I tried out the --cache-chunk-no-memory option but the speeds were very low. Normally I get ~150 MBps on rsync from the rclone mount point but with that option enabled, I was getting only 1 MBps or so. Quite a drastic difference.

Has no one faced a similar issue?

I found turning off cache chunk memory to be slower as well.

Yeah, I can understand a little slower, was expecting something like 100 MBps instead of the 150 but 1 MBps? Doesn’t that seem too low?

@ncw @B4dM4n

Sorry to tag you, but wanted to confirm that this is the expected behavior and I don’t need to check any issues with the configuration.

It seems very slow, but I don’t have any idea why! Unless maybe using /dev/shm pushed your machine into swap.

Ok so it’s not expected then. Let me collect some debug logs and see if that helps you.

BTW, there was still plenty of memory available so I don’t think that’s the cause.